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Everything you need to build a healthy email list

Collecting, managing and segmenting subscribers is a snap with Pink Elephant

Keep your email list clean from inactive emails

Divide your list into segments and ultimately achieve optimized targeting



  • Audit Your Current Database

    Review your current methods of collecting data and existing segmentation to understand how the existing systems can be made more effective for sales conversions.

  • Upgrade List for Dynamic Content

    Our data analysis experts will evaluate how best to mine the information and create fields which will allow maximum impact in your email campaign.

  • Manage Database for 100% Personalization

    Deep segmentation of lists to make 100% personalized content including your customers pervious experience with your company. This would assist the customer to relate with your brand and result in effective follow-up.

  • List Management for Effective Follow-up

    Targeted follow-up of all members of the database. Understanding of customer pulse on a large scale level versus the current scenario of limited follow-up. Continuous email campaigns on a monthly basis will keep the brand name alive in the minds of potential customers. This will provide an opportunity to understand the pulse of buyers both local and global, make contact, set-up meetings and develop new market areas.

  • Engage Customers and Optimize performance

    Every click and open is monitored. Our powerful data analysis systems will provide an in-depth report including geo-location, number of clicks, opens etc. This data will be plugged back into the list management software to allow effective follow-up via emails, phone calls and other media.