Why work with us?

Our email campaigns are innovative, 100% personalized, direct. They allow you to communicate effectively with your target audience to draw sales

Your messages are based on canned content and are not dynamic and engaging?
You’re not retargeting in the optimal timeframe to drive revenue and response?
Your customers aren’t engaging because messages aren’t mobile optimized?
Your open rates are half of what they could be because you don’t have help for deliverability optimization?
Your revenue is only a quarter of the estimated as you don’t deeply segment and retarget your customers?

Email Campaign Process

Below is our 6 Step Process to effective email campaigns. At each step we involve you, our client to ensure maximum effeciency

  • Understand Your Need

    Understand Your Need

    Our first step is to understand your business and how an email campaign can enhance your current methods of marketing / follow-up.

  • Analyze Data & Deep Segmentation

    Analyze Data & Deep Segmentation

    Understand your lists, segment them for maximum efficacy and creation of personalized content

  • Design Email Campaigns

    Design Email Campaigns

    Campaigns are designed based on content and segmentation of data to enable maximum opens and clicks.

  • Optimize Efficiency and Re-targeting

    Optimize Efficiency and Re-targeting

    The results of the previous campaigns will be used to optimize efficacy and target the opened and un-opened lists

  • Track Results

    Track Results

    Powerful data analytics including location, subscriber activity, opens to enable strong follow up.

  • Send Email Campaigns

    Send Email Campaigns

    Email campaigns are sent based on time of day to ensure maximum impact.